Modular Eco-Housing Pushing Boundaries With Cardboard

Designed and developed by Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers from Amsterdam, Wikkelhouse loosely translates to ‘wrapped house.’ This sustainable modular house is uniquely created with cardboardas its main building material and is customizable in its size and function.

The Wikkelhouse is built from 24 layers of top-quality cardboard wound around a rotating house-shaped mould. These layers are then bonded with an eco-friendly superglue to create durability and optimal insulation. This is where the name Wikkelhouse comes from, as ‘wikkelen’ is the Dutch word for ‘wrapping.’ The house is then finished with waterproof foil and wood-paneling to protect it from the elements.

The materials used in the Wikkelhouse have a low impact on the environment, being 3 times more environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly than a traditional house. The Wikkelhouse is also 100% recyclable, with each part able to be deconstructed and recycled infinitely. It does not require a foundation as each segment weighs only 500 kilograms.

Made from 4.6m long x 1.2m wide x 3.5m high segments, the modular house can be extended and added to as needed. With their smart ‘Home’-segments, the Wikkelhouse can also include a kitchen, bathroom, and shower, as well as customizable window placement and finishing.

Built in a workshop in Amsterdam, the Wikkelhouse can be transported and connected on site in a day. At the moment, they are only available for construction in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the U.K., and Denmark.

Avots: Arch Daily

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