How You Can Build Your Smart Home With The Help of AI and IoT

If we talk about the current world and its housing aspects, the home automation criteria are on a high scale of changing and converging. As of now, most people are aware of the term IoT and how it will magnify the whole dynamics of the current home system.

With the increasing hype of smart home labeled products as well as the future home planning scenarios, the concept of the smart and a more convenient home is straight on the cards and is more popular than ever.

In this article, you will get to know about the changing dynamics of the current home system and will also get to know how you can magnify your home to the next level of high-tech living provided with ease of satisfaction and fulfillment. So, let’s get started.

According to a research in 2017 on connected home solutions, the connected home solutions were defined as follows-

Connected home solutions consist of a set of devices and services that are connected to each other and to the internet and can automatically respond to preset rules, be remotely accessed and managed by mobile apps or a browser, and send alerts or messages to the user(s).”

For building your own Smart home powered by IoT and Artificial Intelligence, here are some of my own takes:

1) Don’t Go Completely Wireless

No matter how much you make your home transformed into an IoT beast, being wired will surely be the very best as well as a reliable option. If you are the one who has got exposed walls, you can install the Cat6 cable before the plaster pops out.

After all, Cat 6 is a good cable and can do pretty operations at a faster rate than just transmitting data. Also, it can carry digital signals too.

2) Don’t Fret About Different Platforms

Smart Home connectivity is nothing less than a confusing muddle for an average consumer. Ranging from a list of platforms, some of them are as follows:

These are just a handful list of platforms which you can inculcate in building your smart home.

3) The Starting Point

A good start requires a deep amount of research and determination. At the start, you as a consumer will need to figure out whether you want to dabble in the smart scene or planning to go all out. If you are planning to go device by device, things can get a little cheap but can get a little messy and in the end harder to upgrade. Even for some devices which are not available at your place, you have to get it from another city or country for which you have to pay a high tax to the government, but there are many tax debt relief options are available in the market so you can get rid of taxes.

While I will do the best to guide you through the hurdles and presenting you a kit which is a lot more compatible, to be honest, you can either automate your home appliances and control each and everything around your home or choose one central hub which can control every device right from a single location.

4) Taking a Piecemeal Approach

In today’s market, you can get plenty of devices which are pretty much impressive, and if you are planning to buy one, chances are that you will be delighted by their performance and workability as well.

5) Amazon Echo

Ranging from a pool of IoT devices which can change the dynamics of your house, Amazon Echocan be the best option. With a designing around your voice, it has 7 microphones and comes with a beam-forming technology for performing various operations.

With the all-new Amazon Echo, you can switch off or on the lights without the need of lifting your finger.

Also, it can be connected to Alexa for providing the daily news updates, weather conditions, play music and so much more.

Either, you can go for a Nest Thermostat or a Philips Hue Light bulb and can add a great amount of Intelligence to your existing home.

6) The Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Wi-Fi

Thanks to the uninterrupted and the ever-enchanting Wi-Fi technology which can get the devices connected to it and let the control straight from the palms. As a consumer, you can get Smart Lights, Smart Locks and Smart Fridges from various online stores which can lift-up the game of your Smart home to the next level of high-tech living fantasy.

7) The Introduction of IFTTT

IFTTT was commonly known as If This Then That can bind together different smart home gadgets with a different set of skills. Under certain tricks, it can get your echo to talk to your Nest or can help in keeping heating and light synced. Yet, it’s still a confusing topic and will surely need some time to unwrap it to a simpler extent.

8) Choosing the Correct Platform

If you are throwing everything at one platform will surely leave you incomplete from the ins and outs of IFTTT. The easiest way as of today is buying a hub i.e. buying yourself an Amazon Echo or a Google Home and then picking the rest of the kit which is compatible with your current home system.

Altogether, choosing a great platform will depend on your home’s condition, and the Smart home desire will surely drive any consumer to buy one.

9) Zion Market Research

Based on the findings of April 2017 by Zion Market Research, the Smart home market at the global market is expected to reach an enormous $53.45 billion by the year 2022 which will be quite stupendous and stunning.

Final Verdict

In a world of changing, dynamics and many mobile app development companies and boasting a fantasized living situation which is slowly converted into reality, transforming your home into a Smart can be the best thing you can do in the present age time. As of now, go through the above article, eliminate the don’ts and implement the mentioned platforms to outburst with a shine to pave your way at a better living metrics.

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