Futuristic Illustrations Show What Architecture and Construction Will Look Like in 2030

In a world where technology is at the forefront of our lives, it’s hard to imagine that many of the jobs that are available now did not exist 10 years ago; uber drivers, social media managers, app developers and even the job of an ArchDaily writer would have seemed an abstract concept! As technology advances further, even more job positions will be created and others left behind, leaving it open to speculation as to what will come next.

It is almost impossible to predict the future, but digital agency AKQA and Mish Global have attempted the impossible and envisioned several potential jobs in the design and construction industry in 2030 following inspiration from several panels they attended at the World Economic Forum. With the speed of changes over the last decade, they don’t seem too far from reality either.


In recent years, we have seen the destruction of many important pieces of architecture. Buildings such as Robin Hood Gardens in London, and Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital have faced the wrath of the wrecking ball and the work of the architect is lost forever. In the fight to preserve timeless architecture, the artists have imagined the job of a national identity conservationist to scan the buildings to digitally preserve them in case fate shortens their lifespan. Similar work has already been seen in Iraq, where lasers have been used to preserve the ancient ruin of Babylon threatened by ISIS.

The second job AKQA and Mish Global conceived is a superstructure printer – 3D printing on steroids. 3D printing has become a 21st-century phenomenon, making an impact across multiple industries, pair that with cranes and it has the potential to bring skyscraper construction to a whole new level.

Among other things, the artists imagined a landfill recycler that included a trash-devouring worm-machine and remote robotic surgeons. The entire list of jobs they have predicted for 2030 can be found in the article here.

Avots: Arch Daily

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