You can now buy a makeup mirror with Alexa built in

Music meets makeup in Simplehuman’s new sensor mirror hi-fi. The vanity has a built-in speaker equipped with Amazon Alexa capabilities, because why not? The combined technology of a sensor mirror and smart speaker is designed to give you the absolute most out of your glam routine. First announced at CES earlier this year, the sensor mirror hi-fi is now available for purchase.

“We are always looking to improve in areas where we can help people in everyday living,” said Frank Yang, Simplehuman’s founder and CEO. “Naturally, we look at the must-do daily routines — in this case, we wanted to optimize the morning routine.”

The mirror is an impressive piece of technology. It senses your movement and automatically lights up as your face gets near. You know that annoying thing where your makeup is bomb in your mirror lighting, but looks caked and uneven the moment you step outside? That shouldn’t happen here. 

The light system simulates natural sunlight’s full color spectrum to show you every detail with insane accuracy. It’s reportedly more than twice as bright as your typical cosmetic mirror and more closely portrays natural light than its leading competitors. 

With a simple touch, you can adjust the brightness or change the setting to a softer light to get accurate representations across a spectrum of lighting scenarios.

The base of the mirror is where the built-in speaker lives. It delivers rich, smooth, well-balanced sound that can fill a room. But it won’t blow your eardrums when you lean in to get a closer look at your face — dynamic proximity audio technology recognizes how close you are to the mirror and automatically adjusts the volume and optimizes the audio settings for up-close or long-range listening. (We truly live in the future, people.)

Touch-enabled audio controls are conveniently located on the mirror’s base, but you also have the option to download the Simplehuman mirror app to adjust these settings or turn on smart features like night light mode, which (as you can probably gather) enables the mirror to act as a gentle night light.

As for specs, the sensor mirror hi-fi is an eight-inch round mirror that offers five times magnification. It is a bit pricey though, retailing for a whopping $400. Get it from Simplehuman’s official website.

Avots: mashable

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