Smell of the future: Moodo creator shows off his smart aroma machine

A small cube-shaped device produced by longtime fragrance company Agan Aroma, the Moodo allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to create your own special blend of smells. Buyers can browse through a growing list of over 30 scent compounds, four of which are added at a time to the device as modular plastic cups — much like Kuerig’s K-Cups. Once inserted into the Moodo, users then use an app on their device to control the level to which each smell is diffused into their environment.

“On our app, we automatically recognize what scents have been inserted into the machine,” said Agan Aroma CEO Yoav Avidor in an interview at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, “And then our perfumers created precurated combinations that always work together well based on which perfumes are inside the box.”

Each scent added to the Moodo will last for up to 60 hours at maximum volume of release, and can fragrance an area up to 600 square feet. Avidor says that for most users, each scent should last between one and two months before it needs replacing.

With an immense array of custom scent combinations and the ability to control them with an incredible amount of control on your smartphone or tablet, the Moodo is an interesting addition to the smart home marketplace, and one that many with dogs, kids, or other smell-inducing creatures in their lives will likely very much enjoy.

The device can be purchased on the company’s website, with starter kits running between $190 and $210, depending on the size of the battery that you choose to purchase with the new device.

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