Hilton is adding smart home features to its hotel rooms

With voice commands planned for the future

Hilton is planning to roll out a connected room experience to its hotels beginning in 2018. Currently in beta testing in only one hotel, the new integrated tech will let guests personalize and control aspects of their room like lighting and temperature from the mobile Hilton Honors app.

Hilton’s app already allows members to control portions of their stay, like checking in and opening a door, but these new capabilities will more closely mirror some controls people are already used to with smart home devices. Hilton says the app will also act as a remote, light switch, and thermostat, allowing you to do things like turn on the TV, favorite channels you watch most often, turn on groups of lights, and set a preferred temperature. For guests who don’t have the Hilton Honors app, Hilton is also revamping its remotes to be more minimal, incorporating many of the room controls into the TV.

In the longer term, Hilton says that it eventually expects their rooms to also respond to voice commands, much like a Google Home or Amazon Echo, and that guests will be able to save various preferences for future visits.

Avots: The Verge

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