Domestic robots that will change the future of how you run your house

Remember back in 2001 when The Simpsons purchased an automated upgrade for their home known as the “Ultrahouse 3000?” Well, this is a bit like that, minus the Pierce Brosnan ‘British Charm Unit’ and all the attempted robot murder…

If you’re looking to make life easier with some of the world’s best domestic technology devices, these nifty products are the perfect introduction to a future free of the never-ending household to-do list.

No more lonely doggos thanks to the FURBO Dog Camera

Ever wonder what your pupper is secretly getting up to when you’re not around? Ponder no more! The FURBO Dog Camera is a smart device that notifies you anytime there’s a puppy-related moment at home. No more worrying whether your four-legged friend is chewing on the furniture, turning your living room into a bathroom or secretly trying to kill the cat…

While the FURBO lets you spy on your fur baby, it also has the ability to toss your pampered pooch a biscuit or two when you’re not around. Yep, just because you’re workin’ all day and partying all night doesn’t mean your favourite good-boy shouldn’t get a treat. FURBO recognises your doggo’s loveable mug, and even takes a stream of selfies of your pup, which are sent straight to your smart phone. On demand puppy photos? Yes, please!

Get your life back with the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum

There’s actually nothing more frustrating and time consuming than vacuuming. True story. Ask anyone. Thankfully the ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum is here to do all the dirty work for you (quite literally) including knowing when to re-charge itself when it’s about to run out of battery. With an automatic scheduling program this household lifesaver is so self-efficient you’ll want to send it a ‘thank you’ card by the time it’s done. The ILIFE A4s also happens to have a Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system that works on all kinds of floors — including carpet — and a number of super smart senses meaning it will never bump into your furniture, get stuck in corners, or fall down the stairs. Yes, it’s more coordinated than most humans.

To make life even easier, the ILIFE A4s comes with two AAA batteries, a remote, a charging dock, an extra set of side brushes and an AC power adapter. Best of all, the battery lasts up to 140 minutes, which means you’ll be able to catch up on at least three episodes of your favourite bingeable series instead of sweating up a storm vacuuming under the coffee table. Just set that weekly schedule, hit the CLEAN button, and get back to doing the things you actually want to do with your down time.

Just add water with Grow

There’s officially no reason why you can’t finally give that indoor veggie patch a go. Why? Because GROW is here to change the way we nurture our tiny (yet delicious) garden friends. GROW basically uses a smart sensor irrigation system to automatically water your plants or veggie seedlings based on the microclimate of your personal garden.

Using smart planters that connect to an app — GROW enables your green thumb by monitoring the condition of the soil and notifying you every time your plant needs to be watered or pruned (the watering reminder is a lifesaver — or plantsaver if you will). GROW Duo comes with a smart planter, soil, seeds and nutrients so you can cultivate the most bountiful kitchen garden in all the land. Most importantly, if you’re not around to give your plant buddies the H2O they need, GROW automatically waters them for you. Whether you want to start your own kitchen garden or simply bring the outdoors indoors, all you need is two AA batteries and a can-do attitude to get GROWing.

Let there be light with Brava

A Wi-Fi connected smart oven that uses pure light to cook healthy food in a jiffy? Tell ‘em they’re dreaming! OK, but actually, this is a real thing that’s happening. As a countertop smart-oven that cooks tasty yet healthy meals in almost an instant, Brava is a game-changer. Why? Well it probably has something to do with the infrared light system made up of six 10-inch (270-millimeter) light bulbs on the top and bottom of the oven interior, arranged in three different zones that make up the heating elements of the oven. These lights can apparently reach full power in under one second.

Then there are three different zones in the oven that can be heated up together or on their own — and depending on what you’re cooking, these zones can be dialled up or down. Essentially the lights transfer energy to the food. Oh, and the Brava has a 5-megapixel fisheye camera, which snaps pictures of the food’s texture to work out how well your meal is being cooked. Once Brava believes your dinner is done, the super-smart oven pretty much says “byeeee” and turns itself off so you don’t have to.

Ring a ding ding with Nest Hello

Some of us remember the good ol’ days when the best doorbells would play a cheerful tune — but in 2018, if your doorbell isn’t moonlighting as a security camera with an inbuilt microphone and 160-degree-wide-angle camera, you’re clearly behind on the times. Nest Hello’s video doorbell is a Wi-Fi connected device that gives users 24/7 streaming of high quality footage, facial recognition and two-way speaker communication.

Basically, if someone swings by the house while you’re at work you can still have a full conversation as if you were right there. The facial recognition means you’ll get a notification every time someone you know comes and goes, which means you won’t have to manually look through hours and hours of footage whenever someone shows up at the house. Luckily for you, Hello will recognise the faces of those who live at your home within just a few days.

Avots: Mashable

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