Beyond Nest: The best smart home thermostats to keep you comfy all year

When hunting for the best smart thermostat for your home, it’s probably because you’ve encountered an all too familiar problem.

(Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.)

You’re either freezing your butt off or sweltering. But you’re not allowed to touch it because the resident adult in your home (ie your wife/dad/responsible roommate) likes it in a certain way and doesn’t want you messing it up. Luckily, we now live in the age where everything has been streamlined by a touchscreen, and yes, even thermostats are easier to use.

Thermostats have upgraded to be super smart and intuitive these days. Newer ones like the Emerson Sensi Smart have a simple digital interface so anyone using one can know what to set it to. There are even smart thermostats like ecobee that you can control either with a touchscreen or with your smartphone so you don’t even have to get up to use it.

Some thermostats — like the Nest Learning Thermostat — can even adjust to your own living habits, saving you energy and money in the process. Between easy-to-use thermostats and thermostats that seem to just use themselves, keeping your living space comfortable has never been easier.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, then relax. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Here are some of the best brands on the market so you decide on the best thermostat for your home.

Nest Thermostats

When you think of smart thermostats, Nest is likely the first one that comes to mind — and for good reason. These futuristic-looking gadgets are “learning thermostats” that can adapt to your behaviors and adjust the temperature accordingly. That basically means that it can program itself as needed and even turn itself off when you’re away. Some models, such as the 2nd generation model, let you view energy history so you can keep track of what’s using up more power. Of course, they can work with Alexa and are compatible with your smartphone.

Prices can vary based on retailer, but on Amazon, you can pick up the best-selling 3rd generation model for $234.85, a 2nd generation for $284.45, or the original model for $140.

Shop Nest Thermostats: Amazon | Walmart | Best Buy

Emerson Thermostats

For a simple, but advanced temperature system for your house, Emerson might be the way to go. They’re popular on Amazon as both best-sellers and Amazon’s Choice products.

The interface features simple buttons and settings for you to tune the temperature that’s displayed like a digital clock on-screen. Different types of Emerson thermostats have plenty of different features. The Emerson UP310 Premium lets you program a different temperature for each day of the week and is currently on sale for $51.62. The Emerson Sensi Smart works with Alexa and is $141.98. There’s also the Emerson Sensi Touch for $161.48, which features a touchscreen and can be controlled from your phone.

Check out Emerson thermostats: Amazon | Walmart

ecobee thermostats

ecobee’s stylish design boasts a ton of interesting features. Not only are they Wi-Fi enabled, but they’re also compatible with special room sensors that can detect when you’ve occupied a room or when you’re away to deliver temperature adjustment as needed. It’s a great way to stay comfy and save on power without having to think about it.

Regularly priced at $170, the best-selling ecobee3 is often on sale $160, while the ecobee4 is $248.88 and the ecobee Smart Si goes for $165.43.

Check out ecobee: Amazon | Walmart | Best Buy

Honeywell thermostats

If you’re in the market for thermostats that are less expensive, then Honeywell could be your saving grace. Their products range from touchscreen and smart home-friendly to simple digital interfaces and beyond, but their price tags are must more modest.

Their best-selling digital thermostat goes for only $36.85 on Amazon while the one-week programmable thermostat is $25, though you can usually find a sale for cheaper. You can also get the Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat for $168.95 at Walmart.

Shop Honeywell: Amazon | Walmart | Best Buy

Lux thermostats

This brand of thermostat also boasts some pretty cheap prices as far as thermostats go. The universal programmable thermostat is only $33 on Amazon while the Kono model has Wi-Fi capabilities, is app-enabled, and works with Alexa. Kono usually goes for $109.88. It also features a removable cover so you can personalize the Kono.

The Lux Geo is another smart thermostat for $99.10 at Walmart, and the Lux app lets you connect to multiple thermostats in case you’re looking to adjust the temperature in another house that you frequent. (You fancy, huh?)

Shop Lux: Amazon | Walmart

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